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Firefighter Throwdown FAQ

  1. Where did the idea of the Firefighter Throwdown originate?
    John Carpenter, Founder of Glass Box Group, had been attending multiple CrossFit regional and national events with a supplement client and kept meeting firefighters who shared stories and facts about the fire industry. At the same time, another client of Glass Box is a manufacturer of fire fighting equipment. The combination of firefighter athletes and functional fitness drawn together in one large-scale competition was born.

  2. What are the pillars of the Firefighter Throwdown:
    Firefighter health, wellness, fitness and nutrition as it relates to safety, job performance and quality of life.

  3. Why was the Firefighter Throwdown created?
    Multiple reasons:
    A. To offer firefighter, EMT and first responders a functional fitness stage on which to compete.
    B. Multiple interviews with firefighter athletes cited the Combat Challenge as a competition that had been in existence for years and the need for something new, and functional fitness focused would be popular.
    C. To raise the awareness of physical fitness in the fire community. LODD due to heart attacks continues to be the #1 cause of death.
    D. Having the best athletes the industry motivate those needing to start the fitness journey is the goal.
    E. Where else has the Firefighter Throwdown been staged?
    San Diego (2x), Dallas, Atlanta, Indianapolis (2x)
    F. Why is this a team format?
    The Firefighter Throwdown was advised that firefighters work together as a team, so they should compete together as a team. The Firefighter Throwdown aims to mirror the movements of a firefighter on daily basis, only to bring those movements to a competition arena.
    G. The goal of the Firefighter Throwdown was always to be sponsorship financed, therefore, we hope to cap entry costs at $50 per firefighter, EMT and first responder.

  4. Who owns the Firefighter Throwdown?
    Glass Box Group, LLC,, a full service creative marketing firm owns the concept and name of the Firefighter Throwdown, Instagram: the_firefighter_throwdown, Facebook:

  5. What is the relationship with 555 Fitness and the Firefighter Throwdown?
    The Firefighter Throwdown is owned by Glass Box Group, LLC, a creatively oriented full service marketing firm.

    555 Fitness is a firefighter owned not for profit organization.

    The Firefighter Throwdown showcases firefighter, EMT and first responder athletes on a highly visible stage at popular fire industry trade shows. The 555 Fitness mission and outreach efforts can be found on their website:

    We are two separate organizations which share similar beliefs such as firefighter health, wellness, fitness and nutrition is key to safety, job performance and quality of life.

  6. Why does John Carpenter spend the time to manage the Firefighter Throwdown, he’s not a firefighter and not into functional fitness?
    MANY reasons in addition to being a Grown Ass Man (Thank you for the term CrossFit North Atlanta) with a Weird Ass Hobby. Personally, as John Carpenter, meeting the quality people involved as athletes, their families and the fine folks who comprise the FDIC staff is a big reason. You all have become an extended family. The Throwdown is personally motivating; the firefighters involved with the Throwdown are intriguing and driven which equates to “Getting my butt to gym.” Plus, we all need to give something back to the world that has been kind to us, so I/we believe in the fact that a healthy lifestyle for all produces happier and more socially aware people making this a better world. Specific to firefighters…not only does being in shape equate to being better and safer at your job; being healthy also allows firefighters to go home to the ones they love at the end of the day. The Throwdown is our/my way of giving back to the people in our community who risk all to keep us safe.

  7. What is the relationship between the Firefighter Throwdown and FDIC?
    FDIC allows the Firefighter Throwdown to be staged in their space at the largest fire trade show in the country. FDIC has no ownership in the Firefighter Throwdown. The Firefighter Throwdown is not paid by FDIC. FDIC is a separate entity and they handle all booth exhibit details for the FDIC space.

  8. How are the athletes chosen?
    In the team format we have now, athletes simply sign up with their teammates and they can compete. Competitors need to be a firefighter (Volunteer or career), EMT or first responder.

  9. Do I get my $50 back if I cancel my participation in the Firefighter Throwdown after registering.
    No, time and expense were exerted to process your payment, add you to the team list, store you in a database, etc.

  10. Do I get a free pass to FDIC when I am a Firefighter Throwdown athlete?

  11. How do I find housing in Indy at FDIC?
    • Air BNB

  12. Do I get a lot of SWAG as an athlete?
    Yes, every sponsor we have has already asked if athletes can receive product and of course, we said yes!