THROWDOWN COUNTDOWN INDY: -2633 days and -20 hours

Fire Meets Fitness™

Everything we do, we support and promote firefighter health, wellness and fitness.

We do it through staging a large-scale athletic event.

We just happen to have become the #1 Firefighter Focused Functional Fitness event.


Welcome to the 6th installment of the Firefighter Throwdown, the 2nd Throwdown staged at FDIC which is the largest fire tradeshow in the country. 36,000 attendees and exhibitors!

This is a team event. 3 people, 1 must be female. Teams and teamwork conquer fires in real life, so this is the way we structured the competition. A multitude of torturous WODs have been created by CrossFit NapTown that smack to Functional Fitness, but also, mirror the physical activity a firefighter experiences on a daily basis. The Firefighter Throwdown is not for the uninitiated, the weak or soft. Yet, keep in mind…in a team environment, each team can have a wide range of ability and experience and still be highly competitive.

As the premier attraction of FDIC, we have 60,000 square feet in the convention hall at the Indiana Convention Center. Big space gives us Big Opportunities for the gallery of viewing fans, equipment, Vendor Village, warm up space and more.